We are here to help!

Now is the time to work on your business success, to achieve customers as much as possible and to plan for the moment this current situation will be over,

and it will be over!


Zoo Consulting, with support from the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration (Misrad Haklita) and Mati, provides Olim and Returning Citizens a FREE, all-encompassing set of professional tools for building and expanding their business.


Come and get up to 20 business and marketing consulting hours

FREE of charge!


Our Services include:


  • FREE - Business plans

  • FREE - Development of marketing plans

  • FREE-  Teaching you marketing to achieve more customers (Social media, SEO, AdWords and much more)

  • FREE - Professional business workshops


All the services are FULLY sponsored by Misrad Haklita!


The meetings will be hold on Skype


For more information

For more information

Do you have a business in Israe?

​*Those eligible for the free voucher: 

Oleh/Olah/Minor citizen – Up to 10 years in Israel, up to age 62.

Returning citizens – Up to 2 years in Israel, up to age 62.

Up to 30% of the meetings will be on Skype