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Zoo Consulting, with support from the Israeli Ministry of Absorption (Misrad Haklita) And Mati, provides Olim and Returning Citizens a FREE, all-encompassing set of professional tools for building and expanding their business.

Come to get up to 20 business and marketing consulting hours- FREE of charge!


Our Services include:

  • FREE - Business plans

  • FREE - Develope marketing plans

  • FREE- Teaching you marketing to achieve customers (Social media, SEO, AdWords and much more)

  • FREE - professional business workshops


  All the services are FULLY sponsored by Misrad Haklita!

If you want to succeed, no matter if you have a budget or not, we can help you achieve your dream!

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​*Those eligible for the free voucher: 

Oleh/Olah/Minor citizen – Up to 10 years in Israel, up to age 62.

Returning citizens – Up to 2 years in Israel, up to age 62.